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DOWNLOAD"Nee Sukhame Ne Koruthunna " AUDIO SONGS(mp3)-320kbps(*ing RAJA,SNEHA) January 8, 2008

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Cast : Raja , Sneha
Director : Giri Babu
Music : Madavapeddi Suresh
Audio On : Vel Records

Year of Release:
CD Rip


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01. Yemito edi

02. O na prema mande

03. Monalisa

04. Kannula vinduga

05. Chandamama raavoo

06. Ammaye
Yemito edi
2.O na prema mande
Kannula vinduga
Chandamama raavoo
Ammaye puttindamma


‘Giri Babu Looks Younger Than His Son’ September 14, 2007

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This is the discussion happened between Sneha and her close mates at the shooting spot of Giribabu’s directorial with Raja and Sneha in leads. Sneha wondered to know that Raghubabu is the son of Giribabu. In fact she knows that long back but freshly she said it seems, “Giri Babu sir looks smarter and active than his son Raghu Babu. Raghu is humorous but looks less graceful than his father”.

She liked the sportive approach of Giribabu and his ways of directing the film. Well, although Sneha said this in dignified manner many feel the same. Giri Babu is smarter than his son. We too agree with you Sneha!

The shooting has been going on in various places of AP like Ongole. A few songs will be pictured in Ramoji Film City. It is also said that there wouldn’t be foreign locales for shooting and Giribabu is executing this film is reasonable budget. It will be a family entertainer as said by Giribabu.

Hearsay On Sneha’s Pregnancy September 11, 2007

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Sneha was collapsed during the shooting of the film in the direction of Giribabu. She was collapsed due to fatigue. The shooting was going on in Ongole. She woke up after sprinkling water on her.

The reason is hectic working hours but nothing else. But some gossip mongers did spread a gossip stating that she turned pregnant. With the fame that Sneha has, the gossip made rounds in Kollywood but not in Tollywood interestingly. After knowing the fact, the people who gave ear to this gossip chuckled for it.

Such are the gossips making rounds only with the unit members of any film than the media.

Sneha’s Bold Exposing Decision! September 1, 2007

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Sneha has been the darling of many family audiences. She hardly exposed on screen inappropriately. Still, she could bag some good films and make a stand for herself in filmdom. But the competition of glam dolls is hitting her career graph. Looking at that she is now liberalizing her costumes and concealing aspects. Kollywood sources say that she will be showing herself hot on screen from now onwards and she is also going for skin whitening therapy.

Did you remember? Soundarya was very conservative initially. But with the film ‘Narasimha’ she started showing her navel beauty. Although she was ever conservative through out her career, she never missed showing herself with sex appeal.

Now Sneha also must be planning for that.

This heroine liberal towards skin show! but it is too late? September 1, 2007

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She was Bapu Bomma and acted quite number of films in Kollywood and Tollywood. Her last film with Nag was hit.The girl who has the image of family heroine, lately realized that image is not helpful for her carrier and started acting in wet scenes , but she is already too late, Producers and directors are not showing any interest towards her.

Sensuous Heroine Decides To Go Bold August 28, 2007

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Sneha is turning 27 by the coming October

Six years after she made her acting debut, Sneha still hasn’t got a firm foothold in Tollywood.

Sneha has had her chances. She has done leading roles with actors like Balakrishna. She also played number of important roles in Tamil and Telugu films. But none of these chances translated into success for Sneha.

According to Sneha, the main setback in her acting career was that she never gave her undivided attention to it.

As a further setback, Sneha chooses non-glamorous roles in some films. Although her performance was appreciated, it did not bring her more offers from filmmakers in film world.

Now, Sneha is planning an image overhaul. She plans to start her film career fresh. And she is not averse to a little bit of exposure if needs be.

“I have always wanted to play bold roles, though not necessarily roles that require me to show skin. But in my forthcoming films, one will see me different, which show other side of me totally,” quotes Sneha as saying.

What is that other side? Is she saying all this to keep herself in news as things are trailing for her?

It seems she started the same with wearing some modern outfits which are revealing her hidden assets, till her knees. It is evident at on of the parties where she appeared along with actor Raja.

Well, another belle had gone bold.

Giri Babu’s Intelligent Move In Script August 28, 2007

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Sneha and Raja would indeed make an unlikely pair on the silver screen. It is known that filmmaker Giri Babu, who is returning to direction after a long gap, has signed Sneha and Raja for his comeback film.

Although it goes without saying that Raja and Sneha make an odd pair, GiriBabu still had the two stars shoot for a photo session to make up his mind. Expectedly, the age difference between the two actors showed in the photos, with demure Sneha looking much matured and older than the chocolate boy Raja.

As a result, instead of making Raja look older or Sneha look younger, Giribabu made some changes in the movie’s script. He made Sneha’s character older than Raja in the story. Giri Babu’s idea might just work, considering that there are a number of movies on old man-young girl romances.. For instance, in Hindi Amithab romanced with 19-year-old Jiah Khan in Nishabd and thirty-year younger Tabu in ‘Cheeni Kum’.

In Tollywood too our young heroes can be paired with young actresses, then why not Sneha with the cute and dimpled Raja.

Sneha-Raja: What is Cooking? August 27, 2007

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Something indeed seems to be cooking between Tollywood actors Sneha and Raja.

Rumors ought to be treated as rumors. But when the people around whom rumors revolve choose to stay silent. It creates room for speculation. So far, many in the media circles have been speculating the relationship between Sneha and Raja.

First, there were reports of their ‘awesome chemistry’ on the sets of Giri Babu’s untitled flick in which both are acting together. Then, there were canards of Raja’s sister Laxmi strongly approving of Sneha.

And now, on a party at local pub on Friday, those who attended the party witnessed the chemistry between Sneha and Raja.

Heed this. Sneha was reportedly among the first ones to arrive at the party and was among the last ones to leave at about 4 am. Her car was driven into Raja’s house.

And one of the guests who attended the party is quoted, “At the party, it was very obvious that Sneha and Raja are a couple. They seemed very much in liking, and danced together. It looks like they are finally becoming open about their relationship.”

DOWNLOAD Manasupalike Mounaragam (446 Mb Vcd Rip) – *ing Sneha August 26, 2007

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Sneha becomes hip! August 26, 2007

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Actress Sneha has always been regarded as ‘traditional looking’ South Indian girl. With her ‘homely’ characters in several films, she has got the image of ‘simple and private heroine’. Unlike other North Indian heroines and Malayalam girls, she never looked ‘very modern’ or ‘partying’ at pubs or private functions.

But now Sneha seems to have changed. She has become hip now. Sneha is constantly seen these days at various parties. Last week she attended a private party at Touch restobar. Later she was seen at another party. And at recent Aggiaudio launch’s after hours party too she attended wearing modern outfits. We should say she looks ravishing in those modern dresses too.

So Sneha is flowing with times? It is good to see her in trendy dresses though people might find her sexy in Sarees that best suit to her than any other heroine.