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Confusion On Mohan Babu-Rajni Kanth Relation September 12, 2007

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There is some confusion in Mohan Babu-Rajni Kanth relation. Initially it was said that there has been a split between the two followed by Chiranjeevi’s Padmabhushan felicitation. As Mohan Babu referred Rajni with the word ‘Rascal’ on dais, out of his friendship, the terms were spoiled, many say.

Rajni didn’t invite Mohan Babu for the screening of ‘Shivaji’ Telugu version in Hyderabad. That added fuel to this opinion.

But in Balakrishna’s daughter’s marriage both Rajni and Mohanbabu were seen friendly with each other patting on each others heads and shoulders and cracking wild jokes. That is assumed to be a curtain-drop on the opinions.

Again now, Rajni didn’t make his presence in the 150 day celebrations of ‘Dhee’. This is again raising confusion for many. Why Rajni avoids his best friend’s son’s function if her were a close friend of him


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Mohan Babu Shouted For Rajamouli September 4, 2007

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During the shooting of ‘Yamadonga’ it seems that Mohan Babu shouted ‘Rajamouli…save me’. When Rajamouli rushed inside, he noticed NTR tickling Mohan Babu at his ribs. Rajamouli says this and we have to believe.

Rajamouli said, “I was afraid initially assuming the rapport between NTR and Mohan Babu garu. Mohan Babu garu is a senior most artiste with an ego in his style. NTR is very sensitive. So I thought that there would be some friction at some time or other. But when I noticed NTR rib-tickling Mohan Babu garu on the second day of shooting, I felt confident that everything is right. Both of them turned close like son and father”.

But NTR off the screen says that he respects Mohan Babu a lot and he got his mood elevated when learnt that Mohan Babu will be playing Yama in the film

Mohan Babu’s Son Vishnu To Play ‘Yugandhar’! September 1, 2007

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Remakes seem to be the flavour of the season. Yesteryears blockbusters seem to have caught the imagination of filmmakers in Bollywood. In the recent past we saw remakes like Devadas, Don, Sarkar, Umarao Jaan and most recently RGV’s Aag.

The trend seems to be catching up in Tollywood too. The buzz is that some serious thought is being paid to remake the NT Rama Rao starrer Yugandhar (which was inspired by the BIG B’s Don) with Vishnu in the lead.

In a recent interview Nagarjuna was quoted as saying that he was interested in remaking movies like Patala Bhairavi and Gundama Katha as they hold great scope for stimulating graphics. We have to wait and see if these movies will strike a chord with the audience

Mohan Babu Wants Balayya’s Daughter as daughter in law August 31, 2007

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Mohan Babu is very keen to bring daughter in law from Nandamuri family. He tried a lot to get Brahmani for Vishnu. He also kept that idea before Balakrishna as well. But Balakrishna’s friends discouraged him in that aspect as per the information from reliable sources.

Balakrishna also preferred Lokesh to Vishnu as his first son in law. Now Mohan Babu is not a dejected one. He is trying to get Balakrishna’s second daughter as his daughter in law. His trials are serious. We have to see what happens.

Mohan Babu and Simran to act together! August 29, 2007

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With the success of Yamadonga and his son Vishnu delivering a hit with Dhee, Mohan Babu is in jolly mood. He is all set to begin a new film wherein he plays lead role. According to our sources, Bellamkonda Suresh might produce this flick which is to be launched next month. Simran is to be roped in for this film.

It remains to be seen who would take up the mantle of direction – senior director Muthyala Subbaiah or another new director?


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Yamadonga – Movie Review August 15, 2007

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Film: Yamadonga
NTR, Mohan Babu, Priyamani, Mamatha Mohandas, Khushboo, Rambha, Navneet Kaur, Preethi Jhingania, Archana, Narendra Jha, Brahmanandam, Ali, Raghubabu, Jayprakash Reddy, MS Narayana, Naresh, Rajeev Kanakala and others.
Story: Vijayendra Prasad
Dailogues: M Rathnam
Cinematography: K.K. Senthil Kumar
Art: Anand Sai
Fights: Paneer Selvan Choroegraphy: Raju Sundaram, Dinesh, Prem Rakshit, Sorbee
Edited by: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Graphic Coordinator: Kamal Kannan
Music: M.M. Keeravani
Costume Designer and Presented by: Rama Rajamouli
Produced by: Cherry and Urmila
Banner: Viswamitra Vreations
Screenplay and directed by: S.S. Rajamouli
Release Date: August 15, 2007
CBFC Rating: U/A

What’s it about?

Raja (NTR) is a petty thief. He sets out to steal a gown on the insistence of a businessman (M S Narayana). Raja brings that gown. When he is about to be paid, the businessman dies of heart attack. So Raja yells at Lord Yama in frustration. Yama (MohanBabu) who wants to find out what the people on earth are thinking about him listens this and gets angry. He asks Chitragupta to bring Raja to Yamalokam though he has many years to live. Raja is killed by the goons and is brought to Yamalokam. How Raja makes Yama’s life miserable in the Yamalokam and comes to the earth again forms the rest of the story. There is a love angle to this between Raja and Mahi (Priyamani), a jaminder’s daughter.

First things first

After two blockbustersStudent No.1 and Simhadri, the awesome NTR and Rajamouli combo is back. Rajamouli charters new territory from his regular revenge drama or action films. This time he has chosen socio-fantasy. So when a dynamic combo join hands for third time, you expect the film to be, if not better, at least at par with their last film, Simhadri. But Yamadonga turns out to be just an average film. It has some major advantages and some minuses. Before we analyze further let’s see what works for the film and what not.

What works for the film?

1. The Interesting first half. Especially the pre-interval scenes are amazing.

2. NTR’s performance and hard work. As Lord Yama in a brief role, his acting and dialogue delivery entertains, amuses and gives high to the Nandamuri fans. Surprisingly, he has surpassed Mohan Babu in those scenes.

3. Late NTR’s Graphics. The graphical work of Late NTR seem almost real and his scenes with his grandson NTR are major attraction. In fact that entire episode is entertaining.

4. The verbal exchanges between Mohan Babu and NTR and the Yamalokam episode is good.

5. The major difference to other ‘Yama’ films to this Yamadonga is that the character is not passive. Here Yama character is very active and dynamic which has brought novelty and set a flurry of interesting scenes in the film. Mohan Babu who is known for impeccable dialogue delivery has enhanced it.

6. Humongous set of Yamalokam and Graphical work. Perhaps the Yamalokam set is one of best erected sets in the recent times in Telugu films.

7. Entertainment in the first half is plus point.

And What doesn’t..

1. Biggest minus points are its length and inconsistency in screenplay. With a running time of 3 hour plus, the film needs urgent trimming.

2. Post interval, the narration and proceedings lack fizz. There is no drive in the story. Climax is very predictable.

3. Lack of emotional connectivity. S S Rajamouli’s movies are popular for its emotional scenes but here it is not that effective

4. Though basic story thread is okay but the screenplay is inconsistent.


NTR has given an outstanding performance. He looks completely different. He is lean and his hair style is also different and very stylish. He has played two roles in the movie – the normal human being and portrayed for a brief time as Lord Yama. He has essayed both the roles with finesse. His body language, dialogue delivery in the mythological role and his words of exchange with Mohan Babu are real feast.

You can’t imagine this film without Mohan Babu. He is best suited to that role and he has carried it off very well. After NTR and Mohan Babu, it is Mamta Mohandas who steals the show in the second half. Her Nellore slang (she herself dubbed her voice) and performance deserves special mention. Priyamani is not that effective and her role resembles to that of Bhumika’s in Simhadri. Brahmanandam as Chitragupta is okay. Keeravani’s two sons act in the film as the titles roll on.

Two Rumors On Yamadonga Story! August 15, 2007

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Yamadonga directed by ace director S.S.Rajamouli is hitting screens today. This will be their 3rd film for the actor-director duo whose earlier films Studeant No.1 and Simhadri were huge box-office hits.

It is rumored that director Rajamouli successfully roped NTR (senior NTR preciously speaking) to help his struggling grandson. Yes, Sr NTR can be seen in this film. Thanks to the advanced technology.

According to the rumors Yamadonga falls in the same lines of yesteryears Yamagola.

As per the gossiped story of Yamadonga, there is a sweet challenge between Yamadarmaraju and NTR. As the story progresses NTR losses the ground where his grand father who is in the heaven steps-in to bail him out from the crises. The whole episode is going to be 20 minutes of breath taking visual effects.

If the rumors are to believed it is a double Damaka for NTR fans.

The other line that is in air is that Jr NTR steals the ‘Yama Paasam’ from Yama and comes down. Since Yama will not have powers to take anyone’s life without that paasam he will come down to earth and gets into Mamta Mohandas’ Body to get back his paasam from Jr NTR.

Well, these two versions of lines are spreading big. It’s just a few hrs that rveals the truth in this. Just wait to know the actual theme of the film as the review ill be out.