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Genelia’s ‘Pepper’, Raja’s ‘Trixy’ and Neelakanta’s ‘Tipsy’ January 6, 2008

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Well, those are the names of pet dogs. The common factor among Genelia, Neelakanta and Raja is love for pets. Out of all, Raja’s ‘Trixy’ is a Labrador which is very well-behaved as said by the unit members of ‘Mister Medhavi’. Yes, the unit members are very well familiar with Trixy. And they say about Genelai pet ‘Pepper’ which goes with its name. “It’s hot like the heroine!!!” said a unit member.

“Pepper is always lovelorn for me. She turns red if I were absent at home for longer shooting schedules. I cannot miss her on my birthday”, said Genelia.

Pepper came all the way from Mumbai for the birthday of Genelia when she was shooting for Mister Medhavi. And last but not least is Tipsy, the pet dog of director Neelakanta. Tipsy is a male and hence managed to flirt with Pepper and Trixy in a shrewd way. Obviously without letting Pepper and Trixy know about his double flirt game!!

Is that not interesting? Unit members say that they enjoyed a lot.


profile&filmography of "Genelia D’Souza" September 16, 2007

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Name: Genelia D’Souza.
Name Meaning: Genelia is a combination of Jennifer & Neil (Which are the names of her parents).
Date of Birth: August 5, 1983.
Place of Birth: Bandra, Mumbai.
Family: Mom, dad and elder brother.
School: Apostolic Carmel High School.
College: St. Andrews College, Bandra, Mumbai.
Major: B.S(Business Administration).
Year of Graduation: Summer 2003.
Favorite Movie Stars: Sharukh Khan and Kajol.
Favorite Music Director: A.R. Rahman
Favorite Singer: Lucky Ali.
Favorite Song: Secret of success.
Favorite Dresses: Jeans, T Shirts and Salwar Kameez.
Hobbies: Watching movies and listening to songs.
Debut Film: Boys
Awards: Filmfare Award 2006 ( Best Actress Category, Movie – Bommarillu )


Popular Telugu actress Genelia D’Souza was born on August 5, 1983, in England. She is also known to people close to her as Harini. Her parents originally hail from Goa and later moved to England. Genelia made her move from England to India in pursuit of her childhood dream of becoming an actress.

She got her first break in the movie ‘Boys’ directed by Shankar. The film was a box-office hit and soon Genelia started getting more roles. Genelia has so far acted in over a dozen Telugu, Tamil and Hindi movies. Genelia’s success rate in Tollywood has been pretty good. Her movies Satyam, Masti, Samba, Sye and Happy have all fared pretty well at the box office. Despite getting good roles and her movies doing average business commercially, Genelia was still waiting for that one big hit that could change her career. The wait was not long as her most recent movie ‘Bommarillu’ has had a huge positive impact on Genelia’s career. Bommarillu, with Genelia and Siddharth Narayan in the lead, became a super duper hit and gave her career the much needed boost.

In the movie Genelia plays the role of a talkative and bubbly girl ‘Hasini’ who does whatever she likes to do. Her acting skills have been well appreciated throughout the industry. Finally the true acting talent of Genelia has come to forefront with ‘Bommarillu’ and now time will tell if Genelia can become the number one actress in South India. Her latest movie Dhee with Vishnu directed by Sreenu Vytla is declared a big hit. Genelia also recently bagged the role of leading lady opposite Aamir Khan’s nephew Imraan Khan in his debut Bollywood movie Tu Ya Jaane Na and with Surya in Kollywood in a film by Gautham Menon Named Vaaranam Aayiram which is currently filming.

Presently Genelia is working for the movie Mr. Medhavi with Anand fame Raja directed by the National Award Winner Neelakanta and is produced by B. Rama Rao. Chakri is providing melodious music for the movie. She signed another movie with Devadasu fame Raam which is directey by Sreenu Vaitla. Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan are providing story and screenplay for this untitled film.






Genelia Refuses to Expose! September 10, 2007

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Actress Genelia has turned down a Bollywood movie offer because she was required to expose more than she is comfortable with.

Genelia’s acting career has been on the rise ever since her award winning (as best actress) performance in Dil Raju’s movie ‘Bommarillu’. Today she is having handful of offers from south. But the girl who did a couple of films in Hindi always wanted to make a mark in Bollywood too.

One of the Bollywood Filmmakers had recently approached Genelia for a role in his movie. The film has Tushar Kapoor in the lead role.

Although Genelia liked the movie’s script, she was not comfortable about the fact that her role in the film required her to expose a great deal. Genelia says she doesn’t mind exposing to a certain limit, but the exposure that her role in that movie demanded would certainly have made her “very uncomfortable”.

In Genelia’s words, if she were uncomfortable in playing her role then it would show in her acting performance in the film.

So the actress politely turned down the Bollywood offer. In coming days, Genelia will be seen in films like Mister Medhavi with Raja and one more untitled film with Ram

Mister Medhavi Is Not Mr. Medhavi! September 6, 2007

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The title of Neelakanta’s new venture should be written Mister Medhavi but not Mr Medhavi. The film runs on Neelakanta’s screenplay mantra and his dexterity in narration is known for all audiences.

But his last film was lost as the audiences failed to receive the creative impact in that. Now Neelakanta is making a film with mass orientation and at the same time not leaving his trade mark mantle of effective screenplay.

This Mister Medhavi will have many ‘mis’leading aspects that makes audiences enjoy the narration of film in different layers and phases. The film is running its PP now and the songs will be canned from the mid of this month. The film is tentatively going to be a Diwali release.


MR Medhavi talkie part completed September 5, 2007

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National award winning director Neelakanta is directing a film titled Mister Medhavi with Raja, Genelia in the main leads. The talkie part of the film is complete. Raja is doing the role of an employee in a corporate. Genelia is doing the role of an NRI girl. This film deals with the emotional relationship between these two people. This film too sports a novel storyline like the ones in Neelakanta’s earlier films. Chakri composed five songs. Suman is doing the role of Genelia’s father. The shooting of songs will start on 17 September. The postproduction work will be completed in October month. B Rama Rao produces this film on Life Style Art Pictures banner.

Genelia: A ‘Loser in Love’! September 4, 2007

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Hot belle Genelia is a self-confessed ‘loser in love’.

Genelia has had her share of heartaches in life. But the lissome actress says every relationship gone wrong has taught her and given her strength to be somebody in life.

Of late, Genelia has been linked with her Tamil co-star Bharat. Some reports have even gone to the length of alleging that Genelia is in a live-in relationship with Bharat.

The Bommarillu girl denies these rumors, saying that Bharat ‘s family is extremely close to her family. Genelia also clarifies that Bharat is just a friend and she has never stayed at his place, so the question of a live-in relationship does not arise at all.

However, according to her close friends, Genelia did admit that she has burnt her fingers in love. She also admitted that she is a very possessive and passionate person.

“I was in love once, but I’m not in love with anybody now. I am a loser in love… but the pain in my heart has helped me achieve what I wanted – to be an actress!” Genelia is quoted as saying.

Genelia has completed Nelakanta’s ‘Mr Medhavi’ with Raja.


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Ileana touches 60 Lakhs!!! August 11, 2007

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It is official now! The highest paid actress in Tollywood right now is not Trisha or Asin. It is Ileana

The young, gorgeous heroine now commands a massive Rs 60 Lakhs per film, if unconfirmed news is to be believed. This is a far cry from the Rs 40 Lakhs that Trisha and Asin make for their films.

Shreya, thanks to ‘Shivaji’, demands Rs 50 Lakhs per film. But we don’t know for sure if producers are willing to pay such prices to her because there are talks that they are thinking twice about signing her up for their films now.

Nayantara comes third with Rs 45 Lakhs.

Genelia makes Rs 30 Lakhs per film. Again, this is the salary that she demands. We don’t know if she is getting what she’s asking for. The rest of the clan barely crosses the Rs 10-lakhs line. What is particularly saddening is the fact that Simran, who was once the highest paid actress, too is in the band.

You won’t see me smooching’ August 10, 2007

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Bommarilu, for which she won the award, seems to be working wonders for her even a year after its release
She broke into a jig on stage when she collected her first Filmfare award recently. Genelia D’souza says she couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift.

“It felt good to be holding that trophy on the eve of my birthday,” she says. “I don’t sign a film hoping it will fetch me an award, but it’s like a stamp on your career saying ‘approved’ . Everybody dreams about it, but doesn’t talk about it,” says an upbeat Genelia.

The presence of Amitabh Bachchan at the awards ceremony added to the excitement. “I started my career with him in an advertisement. And to hold a best actress award in front of him felt awesome,” gushes Genelia.

Bommarilu , for which she won the award, seems to be working wonders for her even a year after its release! “Yeah, and I feel lucky to have been part of it.

Everyone has watched it irrespective of the language ; even in Mumbai I have people telling me that it was beautiful. It’s not often that an actress gets such projects. It’ll always hold a special place in my heart,” she says.

She’s also full of praise for her co-star Siddharth.
“He’s a hard worker and a talented singer. Not only is Siddharth good at his shots, he also supports other actors during their scenes. People call him interfering, but I haven’t seen him do that in either of the two films in which I’ve worked with him,” says Genelia.

She played a lovable romantic heroine in Bommarilu but says the image hasn’t stuck. “Thankfully, my directors have always thought I fit all kinds of roles and I’m not afraid of being typecast ,” she says. So will we see Genelia joining the bold brigade?
“I need to be confident of the filmmaker who’ll promote me as a glam girl. I have my conditions and you’ll never see me smooching or shedding my clothes. In my next film, Mr Medhavi, I’m playing a prim and proper girl who’s sexy in her own way. So I think glamour needs to be portrayed very subtly. But, unfortunately, that’s not how it works with most filmmakers,” she says.

How does she react to the presence of so many hot faces around her? “I don’t compete with the rest of them, but with myself. Of course, I am aware of the competition and appreciate good work when I see it. Also, in an industry where girls come and go, I’ve been here for five years and am still getting good offers. So I guess I’m doing well for myself,” she says.

As for future projects, there’s an Aamir Khan production with Aamir’s nephew Imran Khan to be directed by Abbas Tyrewala, which will release next year. Genelia is also doing a Kannada film and thinks her co-star Shivrajkumar is superb! “Satya in Love is a fab film. I spent 10 days with Shivrajkumar’s family while shooting ; his wife and kids are really sweet,” she says.

And what about her relationship with Riteish Deshmukh? “Riteish and I are too busy with our careers to give it any thought,” she says dismissively.

Genelia wants more money! August 3, 2007

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Genelia’s time is good. So her remuneration is also going to be good. Her films ‘Bommarillu’ and ‘Dhee’ proved to be hits successively.

However, the girl has reportedly started making big demands – both for roles and money. It is said that she has started asking for more footage for her character.

At present she is working in only one film, Mr Medhavi, where she appears on the screen for a long time. Neelakanta is directing the film where she is paired opposite Raja.

Genelia was also supposed to do a Vishnu film, but the Vishnu- Vijayabhaskar project is no longer in news. It was reported that she also signed a Seenu Vytla-Ram combination film, but was replaced by Hansika.

Let the star not forget that one who asks for too much soon becomes history in this competitive industry.