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Asin Asks Big Money For a Small Role September 4, 2007

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Asin seems to have become pricey ever since she signed her first Bollywood movie that is a remake of Gajani.

While Asin’s high-headedness is not something new, she has been on a high pedestal since she signed Bollywood movie along with ace actor Amirkhan. Having clinched such a big project, Asin has been making quite unreasonable demands for her acting fee in southern films.

She is reported to have charged a hefty sum for her marginal role in Nag’s DON.

But nothing comes close to the money she demanded from the makers of DON for just a small cameo in the film.

Director Lawrence had approached Asin with the offer of just a one-scene appearance at the movie’s end. Asin was not even required to shoot for an entire day. An hour’s shooting at the most would have been enough to shoot her scene with Nagarjuna.

For this cameo appearance, they had an offer of Rs 10 lakh for Asin. But the busty babe gave the director a shock of his life by demanding Rs 50 lakhs.

Even producer Nag was stunned because even the collective payment to the movie’s heroines doesn’t come anywhere close to the sum quoted by Asin.

And when producer cum hero Nagarjuna heard about Asin’s demand, he had a hearty laugh. The cameo is going to be completed with one more actress from Mallu land-may be Nayantara!.


A French Man To Woo Asin! August 28, 2007

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A handsome French man has reportedly been making romantic advances towards Asin. It is a known fact that Asin is single and ready to mingle.

Last week, this fresh Amir Khan’s heroine was at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai with a bunch of her friends. Asin apparently caught the eye of this French man. The guy approached the gang of girls and introduced himself. He showed particular interest in Asin. But Asin did not reciprocate his advances much.

However, the French man has not given up. He has now begun to send flowers, chocolates and wine bottles to Asin at her hotel room.

Reports say that for the whole week the man has persistently been sending her roses and gifts. In an interview a few weeks back, Asin had clearly stated that she was single. She had also added that she needs time to get into relationship.

But considering the unflagging determination, with which her possible French guy is wooing her, the ‘single’ Asin may anyhow decide to mingle.

Actress Asin’s Hidden Talent! August 23, 2007

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The ravishing actress Asin, who is playing the lead in Gajni, which is being remade in Hindi, loves to write poetry.

Guess what Asin loves to do in her free time? Well, not gossiping.

The ravishing actress, who is playing the lead in Gajni, which is being remade in Hindi, loves to write poetry.

“I always keep a pen and pad with me and whenever I find time, I write poetry. It’s an outlet for my creative energies,” says Asin.

The buzz is that she is flooded with offers from Bollywood.

When asked about what is the language of choice for her poetry she says, “My mother tongue is Malayalam but I can’t write and read.

Since I am good in English and French, I prefer to write my poetry in these two languages.” Well, we surely have a budding poet here.

Ileana touches 60 Lakhs!!! August 11, 2007

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It is official now! The highest paid actress in Tollywood right now is not Trisha or Asin. It is Ileana

The young, gorgeous heroine now commands a massive Rs 60 Lakhs per film, if unconfirmed news is to be believed. This is a far cry from the Rs 40 Lakhs that Trisha and Asin make for their films.

Shreya, thanks to ‘Shivaji’, demands Rs 50 Lakhs per film. But we don’t know for sure if producers are willing to pay such prices to her because there are talks that they are thinking twice about signing her up for their films now.

Nayantara comes third with Rs 45 Lakhs.

Genelia makes Rs 30 Lakhs per film. Again, this is the salary that she demands. We don’t know if she is getting what she’s asking for. The rest of the clan barely crosses the Rs 10-lakhs line. What is particularly saddening is the fact that Simran, who was once the highest paid actress, too is in the band.


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